Tools to Double–BGM Users’ Conference

by Bill Good Marketing on March 3, 2016


Atlanta, GA
May 19–20

Tools to Double
The Bulletproof Sales Presentation

See Early Bird pricing below. Tickets increase in price
after March 18th, 2016.

To book now, call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480 x1298!

By way of reminder, the theme for this year’s Users’ Conference is incremental changes. I have proven mathematically that incremental change in critical variables can give you the oomph to grow even in a stagnant or falling market. You can read that here.

One place where small changes can produce big results is in your sales presentation.

This past weekend, Joava and I met Jenny and her family in Vegas. We took the grandkids to the Excalibur for the medieval jousting event. Great fun.

Before the family weekend officially started, I spent three hours on Friday morning with Rob Sterling, Sr. VP at UBS®.

Rob had previously sent me a copy of his presentation book. This book is unlike anything I have ever seen. It’s how he convinces people he wants to do business with that they should do business with him. It’s how he differentiates himself from all the other advisors he might be competing with.

When he showed me this 156 page book, I wanted him to be a speaker at Users’ Conference. When you see his presentation, you will want a book just like his.

Just suppose you could increase your close rate by 50%. And suppose this tool could help you close for a larger percentage of the assets? How would that help grow your business?

You will see every page of Rob’s book. You will get copies of the critical pages. Many of the other pages you will have to create … but it’s not hard. You actually have almost everything you need. Some of Rob’s material is from his broker/dealer, UBS. Odds are that your broker dealer has equivalent material. You just never imagined—as I never did—that it could be put in a sales presentation. Or it could be as powerfully persuasive as it is.

To book now, call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480 x1298!

New Conference Format

I am changing the format for the conference. In the past, we have had a keynote speaker, then lots of advisors speak. I have always done a piece or two.

For this conference, I will have fewer speakers, each extremely proficient at one of the tools you need. And more of me to fully explain that tool.

Here’s how you will learn the “Bullet Proof Sales Presentation.”

The Good Way to Sell. I am going to take the first block of this module. I will first identify the two biggest mistakes I have seen advisors committing. Just getting rid of those will increase your closing percentage.

Do you have a junior advisor? Son or daughter coming into the business?

Here’s the problem. The firms are not teaching selling anymore.

If you are working on a transition plan, unless your successor knows how to sell, he or she will inherit a dying business.

Bring them to Users’ Conference.

Then we will talk about selling concepts not products. This will include information on when to close, how to close, how to learn the kind of advanced profiling you will witness in Rob’s presentation. He will be demonstrating what it is. I will lay out why and how to master it.

Discovery Rob Sterling Style. Rob’s first meeting is discovery. Nothing new here. But wait! He has some major new twists on how he focuses his discovery. As he put it when we met in his office, “It’s all about them.” Speaking of his office, it’s completely bare. No pictures. No brag wall. Nada. Zip. You’ll learn why. He has taken discovery (and branding) to the next level.

Differentiation. In this block, Rob will go through his 156 page presentation. And he will get it done, believe it or not, in about an hour. Before you throw up your hands, “No way will anyone sit through 156 pages!” you should know this: If Rob wants someone as a client, they become a client. This presentation sells him. Not products. Not services. When you see it, you will believe it.

You will of course take good notes, but in case you miss something, you will have the videos.

Speaking of the videos, you don’t have to attend the conference to get them. But it’s the same price. As I explained in my announcement of the conference, the economics of a conference with sponsors taking your valuable learning time doesn’t work if you stay home and buy the videos for half the conference price. We hope to see you, and you really miss something if you don’t attend. But if you choose to view the conference at home only, it’s the same price as the conference itself.

After Rob went through his presentation with me, I could not imagine you would not want to build your own differentiation book as Rob has. If you are closing 40% now, this should shift it to 60% or even 80%. Wouldn’t that be worth the entire cost of the conference?

When: May 19th and 20th
Where: Marriott Atlanta Buckhead, 3405 Lenox Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA. 30326

See Early Bird pricing below. Tickets increase in price
after March 18th, 2016.

To book now, call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480 x1298!

Early Bird Pricing
Ticket #1
Each Additional Ticket
$795 each
Room Price

*Ticket prices will go up $200 after 3/18/16.

**Hotel will require one night lodging paid in advance. Your card will be charged by the Atlanta Buckhead Marriott on 4/22/16.


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