The Investment Coward’s Perspective

by Bill Good Marketing on August 11, 2014



No More Pies!

The Investment Coward’s Perspective

By attending this webinar, you will gain an insight into why a touch of cowardice in investing might be a good thing. Can we teach you everything you need to know about investment cowardice in a one-hour webinar?Obviously not. However, we can teach you enough for you to decide if our 2-day seminar, “No More Pies!” could play an important part in development of your practice.

When Bear Market #17 starts, clients will panic.

Unless you believe, “It’s different this time,” you know it is coming.

Jack Reutemann is CEO of Research Financial Strategies. A long time practitioner of technical analysis, he wrapped up 2008 negative 2%.
Danny Harbison is Senior Investment Strategist at Research Financial Strategies. He is responsible for analyzing and interpreting market conditions.
Bill Good is Chairman of Bill Good Marketing®. He was named one the nation’s five top coaches in 2012. He conceived and has produced No More Pies! since 2009.

When it does, the courageous money manager will say, “Even when things were bad, they weren’t so bad. Yes, I know that the Dow® dripped 55% from August 2007 to March 2009. However, because we had diversified 40% into bonds, we were down only 31%. By staying the course, we recovered by March of 2013. Besides, no one can time the market. We’ll be fine.”

The investment coward might say, “There’s a storm coming. I don’t think I want my clients to take six years to get back to even. I think we will sit this one out.”

What you will learn from “The Investment Coward’s Perspective”

You will learn:

  • What is the investment coward’s perspective?
  • Can you really be “defensive” in bear markets, or do you always have to be 100% invested?
  • What’s the evidence of that?
  • What is an “investment weather report” and where can you get one?
  • How accurate are they?

In “The Investment Coward’s Perspective,” we will also discuss these common beliefs:

To meet your clients’ investment goals, they have to participate in the ups and downs of the market.What if there was a reasonable way to participate in the “ups” portion of the market while mitigating the risk during the “downs” portion of the market?They have to ride through these uncomfortable times.What if they don’t?

All declines are temporary; therefore, the best strategy is “buy quality investments and hold.”

What if you could get a market weather report? You could decide whether to be offensive or defensive.

I think there is a better strategy. That’s why I am inviting you to attend our upcoming webinar, “The Investment Coward’s Perspective.”

The Investment Coward’s Perspective
Thursday, August 14th at 12:00 Noon ET
Enroll here

“The Investment Coward’s Perspective” obviously cannot teach you how to be a great defensive player in a one-hour webinar. We do that in our 2-day seminar, “No More Pies!.” So as you are considering whether to attend “The Investment Coward’s Perspective,” you should also give some thought to the benefits you will enjoy from attending “No More Pies!”

By “no more pies” we mean:

  • No more mutual fund pie charts.
  • No more modern portfolio theory.
  • No more buy and hold.

“Pies” made its debut in June 2009, not too long after the CEO of a major firm suggested that his FAs apologize to their clients for 2008 performance.

If you know what you are doing, and do it, forget about apologies.

In No More Pies!, You Will Learn:

  • How you can manage and raise money. One of the pillars of the state finance religion is that you can EITHER manage or raise money, but not both. Well, what if you could do both? What if you could manage and raise money, and take a pay raise?
  • How to tell the story to clients and prospects.
  • How to evaluate a prospect’s proposal that nearly always results in your getting all the money.

When you leave No More Pies!, you will take home:

A daily routine 
that guides you through the Dorsey Wright® and TC 2000® tool boxes. Like most of our graduates, by following these guides, you will be able to handle the money management part of your job in just a few hours a week. Yes, you can manage and raise assets.

Copies of Jack’s investments, bond model, watch list, and past 5 year ETF purchases.

Shortcuts on what you really need to look at every day to keep the clients’ money safe.

Why to use ETFs, and how to explain that decision to clients.

Tactical portfolio management and a practical application of it.

A website just for graduates with a chat room, including all past recommended related articles.

But wait, there’s more.

Suppose you want to reach out and start prospecting?

You receive two seminar slide shows, both approved by several major firms. You will learn how to present these to both clients and prospects.

The Investment Coward’s Perspective
Thursday, August 14th at 12:00 Noon ET
Enroll here

Why Learn Technical Analysis?

The answer to “Why learn technical analysis?” is the same answer to “Why attend Pies?”

Technical and fundamental analysis are the yin and yang of securities analysis.

You need both.

Technical analysis will help you decide:

Should I be in the market?

If so, which sectors?

What to buy.

We believe (and you should certainly consider) that investors today cannot afford to stay “100% invested 100% of the time.”

There is too much at stake. From Dec. 31, 1999 to Dec. 31, 2009, the S&P 500 Index® produced a return of negative 24%.

The traditional methodology of “buy-and-hold asset allocation,” as taught by modern portfolio theory, left an entire generation of investors shell shocked and drove tens of thousands of advisors to other careers.

As illustrated in the S&P 500 Index chart below, the S&P 500 Index began the decade at 1469.25 and ended the decade at 1115.10, delivering to investors the epic financial setback of negative 24% for ten years of their lives. As a result, millions of Baby Boomers have had to delay their retirement plans due to the stock market’s negative impact on their investment portfolios.

Are we possibly any better off today? Even including the bull market recovery of the last 4 years, the S&P 500 Index is still up only about 2.5% on an annual basis for the 14 years of this century (Jan. 3, 2000 – July 16, 2014). But all of that gain has come since March 2013. For thirteen years, your buy and hold investors of Jan. 3, 2000 made zero % as in nada, zilch, zip.

Still thinking about whether to attend “The Investment Coward’s Perspective?”

Quit thinking.

Click here.

For further information about No More Pies!, call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480, ext. 1298. She will fill you in.

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