Recovering a “Lost File”

by Bill Good Marketing on June 18, 2011

I was having a great time playing “catch up” on a Saturday afternoon. I saved a file and then… “Oh no!” I had saved it over the wrong file.  Countless hours… gone… agony.

I went to the folder where the sin had been committed. I right-clicked on the overwritten file and a most interesting option popped up. “Restore previous version.”  I had not seen that before because I had not committed that particular sin in sometime and had no need for a solution.

Naturally, I chose it.

And then, surprise! My online backup service, MozyHome, presented me with the previous version. I did not about that option.   In about one second, I was saved.  Whew. No agony. No missing file. Yet another of the countless reasons to spend a few dollars a month with an online backup service.

If you don’t have online backup, you deserve punishment. And you will surely receive it as I nearly did.

My admiration and respect for Mozy Home just went up.

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