NO MORE PIES! “What to Buy, and When?”

by Bill Good Marketing on November 18, 2014

No More Pies!

“What to Buy, and When?”

Please Join Jack Reutemann, Danny Harbison, Charles North, and Bill Good on This Conference Call

Date: Tuesday, November 25th
Time: 4:00 PM, ET

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To get right to the point, in this conference call, “What to Buy and When?,” you will see that the two questions you live with daily—what to buy/when to buy—do have an answer. In the course of pointing you to the answer, I’ll tell you about a 2-day seminar that will help you:

• Take control of your assets.
• Build a real fee-based practice where you manage AND raise money.
• Capture more assets.
• Take a pay increase.

NO MORE PIES!!!—You have to be kidding, right?

No More Pies means NO MORE PIE CHARTS. No more selling your winners and keeping your losers.

In June 2009, I introduced “No More Pies!.” In the five years since, we have trained several hundred financial advisors to take control of their assets, increase their income, and protect their clients, all in a two-day concentrated seminar.

No More Pies!: On Day 1, we teach the “Daily Routine”—what you have to do every day to use the Dorsey Wright® technical analysis tool box and the TC2000 website. On Day 2, we cover the client presentation and back-office management of a fee-based practice.

No More Pies! was born out of my analysis that the three pillars of the modern financial services industry had failed to protect client assets in the crash of 2007–2009.

Modern Portfolio Theory: All of the so-called non-correlated assets except Treasury Bills lined up at the shallow end of the pool and dove in fourth quarter 2008. You know the results on your own portfolios.

Buy and Hold: This kept you in the game when you should have been out.

You cannot manage and raise money; It’s one or the other: Except it’s not. You can manage AND raise money.

Date: Tuesday, November 25th
Time: 4:00 PM, ET

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Special Guest—Charles North

Charles is a graduate of No More Pies! from October 2014. He is obviously excited. This series of emails from Charles to Bill Good tell the story:

11/6 Just closed a $730k rollover from doing my first Pies presentation to an existing client last week.


11/7 The Pies breakthrough: I’ve got the confidence now that I really stand out from the competition and have a hard hitting story to tell. That’s huge.

All I did was use the 15 minute PowerPoint on a web conference. Off the top of my head, this was the largest 401(k) rollover opportunity in my book of existing clients. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it doesn’t speak well to the amount of money out there to be harvested. Regardless, it was a HUGE confidence booster to see how powerful the story is and how much it resonated with him.

11/14 Held 3 more Pies presentations this week. I need more practice but I’m getting better. As my confidence has grown I’ve started to get WAY too detailed with my explanations, so I need to tighten it up. I was actually better when I was basically pointing and grunting at the PowerPoint.

A couple of things I’ve noticed: It’s made me MUCH more confident that I’m bringing a full suite of services to the table instead of being an advisor who just outsources portfolio management. I now feel like I can compete favorably against the majority of my peers. In fact, since most of them don’t do anything close to investment management it’s unfair to even call them peers. It wasn’t until I stepped OUT of that crowd that I realized how much it harmed me to be in that buy-and-hold bunch.

The other thing is that it’s letting me get up to bat and have a shot at portfolios that I wouldn’t have any chance with before. The presentation I made today was with an existing client who had already turned me down previously because I couldn’t differentiate myself and the cookie cutter models I was schlepping.


Date: Tuesday, November 25th
Time: 4:00 PM, ET

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Announcing No More Pies! “What to Buy and When?”

These are the two questions, aren’t they? What to buy? When to buy?

At NMP, you will learn:

*How and why technical analysis works.
*How perfect it is.
*What tools you need.
*How technical analysis forms the basis for a scalable-reproducible practice.
*How you “change horses” from “buy and hold” to “risk management.”

In the NMP Conference Call, we will do our best to show you that there is a way for you to become and remain a fee-based advisor.

Please Join Jack Reutemann, Danny Harbison, Charles North, and Bill Good on This Conference Call

Date: Tuesday, November 25th
Time: 4:00 PM, ET

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Meet the “Faculty”

Jack Reutemann is a long-time practitioner of technical analysis. His list of accreditations are significant. They include Society of Financial Services Professionals, CLU and CFP®. Jack is a native Washingtonian, where he attended St. John’s Military High School, class of ’69, and is a ’73 graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, with a B.S. in Economics and Finance. He and his wife Toni live in Potomac, MD, where they raised five children and are currently spoiling their two grandchildren.

Danny Harbison is Senior Investment Strategist at Jack’s firm, Research Financial Strategies. After several guest appearances at NMP 1 and 2, Danny’s outstanding knowledge and presentation skills earned him a spot on the NMP faculty. He is responsible for analyzing and interpreting market conditions and developing investment strategies to assist clients in meeting their long term goals. In addition to being in charge of trading, he spends time doing market research, portfolio analysis, and investment modeling. Since his start with RFS in 2009, Danny has developed strategies instrumental in the CEO’s implementation of RFS’s investment policies.

If you have wondered, “I know Bear Market 17 is coming. What can we do?” Well, join Jack, Danny, Charles, and me and find out.

Please Join Jack Reutemann, Danny Harbison, Charles North, and Bill Good on This Conference Call

Date: Tuesday, November 25th
Time: 4:00 PM, ET

Enroll here

This call will be promoting our upcoming class on January 22nd and 24th in Orlando. If you already know you would like to attend and just want to sign up – please call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480 ext. 1298 or 435-619-3203 (mobile).

We hope you can make it!

Thank you,

*The opinions and strategies expressed at this seminar do not necessarily represent the opinions and strategies of Dorsey, Wright & Associates, LLC. Dorsey Wright has not assisted in the planning, preparation, or presentation of materials at this event.

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