Mark Eskin and Ed Blumenthal on Cover of ‘On Wall Street’

by Bill Good Marketing on November 3, 2011

Ed Blumenthal and Mark Eskin were featured on the cover of “On Wall Street.” They are the top producing team at Janney Montgomery Scott.  Mark was the keynote speaker at at the Bill Good Marketing Users’ Conference, 2011. You should visit the website of this team who by any stretch qualify as “Best Financial Advisors in Philadelphia,” or anywhere for that matter.

You have to admit:  this is a great addition to their brag wall.  It all happened because they were doing the right thing and following standard hand-holding procedure when many of their clients were having a rough go.  (Hand-holding is not just for financial emergencies.)  I’ll let Ed tell you the story as he told it to me in an email.EskinBlumenthal

My understanding of how it developed was that the magazine was interviewing one of our vice presidents of our private client group on disaster preparedness. We had experienced an earthquake and hurricane in the same week. We had told our chairman about our interaction with a client. She lives in Connecticut, in her 80s. When it was known that Connecticut and Vermont were particularly hit hard, we reached out (using a selection rule in our Gorilla database of course) to clients who might have been affected.

We could not reach her initially and eventually managed to reach her through her daughter.  She was okay, but had no power for a couple days at that point.  When we asked the question, “Is there anything we can do for you?” She replied that she would just like a pizza and water.

As it states in the article, our team went into action, finding a pizza place that was open and could deliver. When we checked in later, she was enjoying pizza with a neighbor (the bottle of water replaced by a bottle of wine) and got a good laugh out of it. Once my chairman heard this, he mentioned to the VP, and then mentioned it to the interviewer/editor of the magazine. The magazine then asked if they could speak with the advisers… Cover page!

I am so proud to call Ed and Mark my clients.   I’m glad Bill Good Marketing could help. And congratulations to Ed, Mark and their great team!

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