Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

by Bill Good Marketing on June 16, 2011

Every Thursday without fail, I read the “State-Of-The-Art” column by David Pogue in the “Technology” section of the New York Times. Almost every week, he provides useful information, either in his column or, as in this case, his blog which you can always access from the column.

I recently rediscovered his May 23rd post on how to make your iPhone battery lasts longer.

Before I read and applied his tips, I was dragging my iPhone charger whereever I went, always on the prowl for a plug. Since implementing his “Four Ways to Make Your Battery Last Longer,” my battery lasts a lot longer. I often don’t have to recharge until I plug it in at bedtime.

Since so many financial advisors use their iPhone for transacting business, not to mention staying in touch with family, I thought this article would be well worth the few minutes it takes.

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