Is Snail Mail Dead

by Bill Good Marketing on May 3, 2016



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Is Snail Mail Dead?
Wednesday, May 11
12:00 PM ET
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Is Snail Mail Dead?
Thursday, May 12
3:15 PM ET
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David M. Nelson, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, of NelsonCorp Wealth Management and a Premier Level advisor at Cambridge Investment Research Inc.; is a 22 year subscriber to the Bill Good Marketing System®.

If you had the opportunity to talk to him for just a few minutes, you would soon detect a passion for the systems, people, and companies that helped him get to the top of a very competitive profession. Who better to learn from than someone who has “been there, done that?” 

You may not be able to sit down with David. He is a very busy man. But you can sit in on an electronic conversation with David and one of his coaches, Bill Good.

One of the systems David deploys is the currently much-maligned “snail mail.” Many believe its time has passed and that it should be replaced by email and social media. After all, this invitation is sent via email. Why on earth would one also use snail mail?

Countless consultants, marketing directors, pundits, and others have announced: snail mail is dead.

It is not dead!

It was not dead when David began his climb to the top of a very competitive position.

And it’s not dead now that NelsonCorp Wealth Management has 8 advisors, three offices, and serves thousands of investors.

In this conversation, you will learn:

• Why snail mail works today.
• How snail mail and email work together.
• Why it is a huge mistake to rely ONLY on social media.
• How snail mail integrates into the NelsonCorp branding strategy.
• What role press releases play.
• How David gets the message out on all channels.
• What makes a great letter (hint: the first requirement is “readability”).
• What types of “messages” you should deliver.
• When you should take someone off your list.
• What has been the best letter David ever sent.

And much, much more.

Is Snail Mail Dead?
Wednesday, May 11
12:00 PM ET
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Is Snail Mail Dead?
Thursday, May 12
3:15 PM ET
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