Get Better Organized—A Bill Good Educational Webinar

by Bill Good Marketing on February 18, 2015


Get Better Organized—A Bill Good
Educational Webinar

I want to invite you to attend my “Get Better Organized” educational webinar.
I recently did a fascinating web search. I Googled “Benefits of Getting Organized.” The search returned:

• Less stress
• Relax more
• More family time
• Improved health
• Better example for kids
• Fewer little jobs
• Find things quicker
• More time for yourself
• Feel good about your environment
• Accomplish more
• Feel empowered
• More confident
• More control
• Make a good impression
• Become more motivated

I can’t promise you’ll enjoy all of these benefits if you attend my webinar, but if you are feeling that you do not have a good system to help you get organized, then order in lunch or fill your coffee cup and join me.

You can register right here, right now.

February 24
12:00 Noon EST
Register Here

March 4
4:15 PM EST
Register Here

By the way, I will be giving you some of the actual tools we have developed for Bill Good Marketing System Subscribers. Of course you know what we do. So if you are specifically interested in having a systematic approach to client marketing, prospecting and practice management, call Jill Franks at 888-495-7303. She will be happy to explain it to you.

In my educational webinar, you will learn:

• How to shift your day from re-active to pro-active.
• The one principle that will save your business (and your sleep).
• The most important thing to quit doing now.
• The one thing you should never do.
• The three most important things to delegate.
• The one book you should read now.
• An amazing app for your smart phone to make sure you don’t forget the important stuff.
• A filing system that will instantly retrieve important paper documents.
• A web service that will enable you to NEVER lose a pending email.

Join me.

February 24
12:00 Noon EST
Register Here

March 4
4:15 PM EST
Register Here

Why are we offering these free webinars?

Simple. If we add value to your practice, we might be able to earn a portion of your business. That’s what a good wholesaler does, right? Just consider that we wholesale practice management. This I promise: you will come away from this webinar with some tools that will help you get better organized.

But I should warn you: if you do make the commitment to get better organized, you will give up many of the benefits of disorganization.

1. The raw thrill. Remember that now-legendary “file search”? With only 20 minutes to go before your most important presentation, you somehow scrambled through four filing drawers and found the needed file—and you opened the new client relationship. It was absolutely thrilling to pull it off, wasn’t it? There is a certain thrill to disorganization.

2. Character challenge. Remember the time, maybe just a few days ago, that you finally remembered to call one of your biggest clients, Velda Oldebucks. Just over a year ago, she told you about that jumbo CD. You scribbled it down on your 18-month “Far Side” calendar. But one of the cartoons annoyed you and you put it on your credenza. Fortunately, you bolted awake one morning and remembered. But sadly, you were too late. When you called, she told you that the nice boy from the bank had called last week. She bought a five year CD. The wild plunge of your emotions was quite a ride, wasn’t it?

Yes, there went $2,500 recurring annual revenue down the tubes—but there’s a silver lining! Ability to overcome losses like that are tests of character; they let you prove to yourself that even the obstacles you throw in your own way can’t stop you from making it. What a benefit!

Here are your choices:

1. Stick with the thrills of disorganization.
2. Get better organized.

I’m going to assume that you are done with the thrill of disorganization. So that’s not an option.

A word of caution: The subject of organization is boring, not thrilling. If you’re OK with that, join me.

February 24
12:00 Noon EST
Register Here

March 4
4:15 PM EST
Register Here

Register for either of two dates. Take your pick.


Bill Good

P.S. I know it’s hard to give up the thrill of disorganization, but if you want to have serious conversation about an organized way to do business, call Jill Franks at 888-495-7303.


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