Family Celebrations – Gorilla Success with Alan Becke

by Bill Good Marketing on December 9, 2011

A critical step in my Client Relationship Retention Formula is:

Participate in Family Celebrations

To accomplish that, Bill Good Marketing® has a very deep library of messages for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day and July4.  These messages ALWAYS generate response just like Alan Becke received.

Good Morning Mr. Becke,

My note is just to congratulate you and say thank you, for the letter you sent explaining the origin of the Thanksgiving.  I truly enjoyed the reading and the fact of being reminded once again.  I suggest you send that letter every year.  I never get tired of reading over and over again, the genesis of this wonderful holiday celebrated in our precious land of the United States!!!!

Have a blessed day!


Another proud example of BGM Clients Developing Front-of-the-Mind Awareness.

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