Double Double: A Business Development Strategy

by Bill Good Marketing on July 22, 2013

A Business Development Strategy

From Jan. 1, 2009 to Dec. 2010, The Rob Rose team did a near perfect double from just over $500K to $1.13 million.

Then they nearly doubled again. By Dec 31, 2012, they had pushed to $2.1 million. Asset growth in 2012 was $65 million.

Can they do a third 2-year double?

Join Rob Rose, his COO Matt Hicken and Bill Good for this lively
conference call:

The Double Double: A Business Development Strategy

Thursday, July 25th
10:00 AM ET
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Rob takes the necessary risks and combines them with the proven plan. He finds, nurtures, and closes his deals using the Bill Good Marketing System®. In this call, you will learn:

• How the Bill Good Marketing System continually reinforces the ROB ROSE brand.
• How Rob and Matt use the system to personalize the client experience.
• How following the steps in the system produce the results that lead to DOUBLE.
• What you should plan to do after you double your production—twice!


Robert T. Rose started in the financial services industry in 1988. Rob and his wife live in Greensboro, NC with their three youngest of their six children. Rob uses the system and his team to protect his family time.

Matt Hicken joined the Robert Rose Group in 2007. Matt currently works as the Robert Rose Group’s COO, and co-portfolio manager. Matt lives in Greensboro with his wife and their 6 children.

Bill Good, through Bill Good Marketing, has taught thousands of advisors how to double production and work half as much. Recently Bill was named by™ as one of the Top Coaches in the industry. Bill reads at least one new book a week, and has since his days as a Tar Heel. Bill and his wife enjoy spending time with their three kids and six grandkids.

To register for the call, click on the link below.

Thursday, July 25,
10:00 AM, EDT

Call Jill Hayes at 888-495-7303
if you have questions about the Bill Good Marketing System.

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