Do You Make These Mistakes in Sales?

by Bill Good Marketing on June 2, 2016


Do You Make These Mistakes in Sales?

Bill Good’s remarkable discoveries in the sales process have enabled countless financial advisors to close more and bigger clients. Only a few minutes before a sale and a few minutes after are required to improve your results.

Do you say: “When I’m done with your plan, we’ll set up an appointment to review it?”

Do you ask about their investments early in your “discovery”?

Do you talk about “Monte Carlo”? “Efficient frontier”? “Target band”? “Standard deviation”?

Do you ever fail to present a written proposal?

Do you ever not close?

Do you not have a fall back when the prospect says, “Martha and I need to think this over?”

Do you only close for the entire account?

Why Most Sales Professionals Make Mistakes

Why are so many sales professionals deficient in procedures that others easily use to close at least 50% of the prospects they sit down with? Why do so many find themselves at a loss for words at critical times?

The reason for the deficiency is clear.

Most people do not practice good sales procedure because they had bad or no sales training OR they had good training but never formed the habit of implementing sales best practices.

“The Good Way to Sell” Is Habit Forming

What Bill Good did is create a simple sales process.

It is based on simple rules.

These rules can indeed become habits.

You can be sure that great sales professionals don’t think about rules any more than great writers or performers think about them.

They just do them.

But before they were great, they learned the rules. They learned them well. They made them into habits. Now they do them without thinking.

Only 15 Minutes Before and 15 Minutes After

What are the rules of sales?

That’s what you will learn in Bill Good’s webinar, “The Good Way to Sell.”

Wednesday, June 8th
10:00 a.m. ET
Register Here

Thursday, June 9th
12:00 Noon, ET
Register Here

You will learn a process to improve your sales procedure. It requires 15 minutes before a first appointment and 15 minutes after the prospect leaves.

These 15 minutes are not boring study or drills.

Call them “Preparation” and “Review.” But you have to prepare for the right things!

15 minutes before. 15 minutes after.

Improve your process bit by bit.

Soon you won’t have to think about it.

Who Should Attend?

You should attend IF you are:

A seasoned advisor who has gotten soft selling only referrals and now needs to replace the assets lost when clients die. It’s a different world now than 20 or 25 years ago.

A veteran who needs a process to pass on to a successor.

A mid-level FA who has seen too many opportunities slip away.

Any advisor whose closing percentage with non-referral prospects is less than 50%. Hey, referrals are easy! Seminar leads? Cold calling leads? Big portfolios? Not so much.

Wednesday, June 8th
10:00 a.m. ET
Register Here

Thursday, June 9th
12:00 Noon, ET
Register Here

You have heard that old statement, “You can get a horse to water but can’t make him drink.”

Not true.

Prospecting skills gets the horse to water. A skilled sales professional will get a good percentage of these horses to take a drink.

In our continuing series of CME webinars (continuing marketing education), I’m going to show you how to get the horse to drink.

One reason you may need to add some of the Good Way Skills to your tool kit is the increasing trend toward fees. Selling fee-based services is different than selling products. On any substantial portfolio, you are competing with other advisors. Your office and conference room need to position you as an expert financial advisor. Your sales process must dig deeply to the two reasons people will take action. In “Good Way to Sell,” you will learn all of this.

If I am willing – without question or quibble – to offer you my “15-minute sales improvement tool” and

If I am willing to provide you with a vital tool to simplify a complex sale,

Are you willing to do me this one small favor?

Give me an hour.


Wednesday, June 8th
10:00 a.m. ET
Register Here

Thursday, June 9th
12:00 Noon, ET
Register Here

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