Do You Make These Mistakes in Sales?

by Bill Good Marketing on June 14, 2016


Do You Make These Mistakes in Sales?

The bad news: You missed a fabulous webinar last week.The good news: I got a great recording of the second of two webinars. It was much more than just four mistakes. Don’t get me wrong—understanding these and NOT committing them is vital. But this webinar was more: it turned into a cram course on sales procedure.

You can watch the webinar here. It’s available for your enlightenment 24/7.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Mistake #1 can waste most of the time you spend prospecting.
  • How to build a compliance-friendly library to educate your clients (and why it’s so urgent you do that).
  • What it means (and what to do) if the prospect is NOT asking questions.
  • What happens if you don’t close (it’s worse than you think).
  • What questions to ask first.
  • And much much more. (See the comments below!)

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

You should if:

Your closing ratio is less than 40%. The best in the business will open accounts with 50% or better.

You don’t have a presentation process.

You don’t want to prospect as much to meet your goal (Hint: close more).

30 Reasons to Watch the Webinar

I pulled these “30 reasons” from comments advisors made who were kind enough to fill out my “Post Webinar Report Card.” I thought they best described the benefits you will enjoy from watching this webinar.

1. Questions that find emotion.
2. I better have a better plan when meeting with prospects.
3. Tapping into the clients/prospects emotions is key.
4. Clearer order of the client presentation.
5. A step by step sales process that I can implement along with a better proposal template and profile questions.
6. Reminded me to avoid overcomplicating the sales presentation and bogging prospects down with terminology they may not understand.
7. Google Advance Search is very handy.
8. Asking questions that lead to a “hmm” response (from me).
9. The entire 11 steps, especially getting to emotional topics and the first two subtle steps of strategic small talk (and positioning) then transitioning into the rest of the steps.
10. “Reconvene”—great word choice.
11. Prepare a process and use it. Be willing to modify.
12. The order of the sales process-start with questions about the person, then about the investor.
13. The sales process, never really had it laid out like that.
14. The outline for the sales process was very helpful.
15. Guilty of some of the mistakes.
16. Short sales proposal.
17. Importance of verbiage at various points in the meeting process.
18. How to ask questions.
19. Which questions to ask.
20. Sales tips and structure of appointments. Bill is a master salesman and I love listening to him!
21. The order of a good sales process (don’t lead with investment discussion).
22. The probing questions and establishing the sales process.
23. Connecting emotion to the sales process.
24. Eliminating floaters is my #1 take-away.
25. Use more of those emotional questions.
26. Creating questions that bring emotion.
27. I do not have a process.
28. Learn about the client and make them feel an emotion!!! Emotion produces action.
29. Profile the person before you profile the investor.

Still thinking about it?

You can watch the webinar here.




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