David Dickie: System Jedi®

by Bill Good Marketing on January 10, 2012

GorillasKings of Their Mountains

I read a book on LinkedIn® by a fellow who had been hailed as “LinkedIn Jedi.”  At that time, an email from a VERY ACCOMPLISHED Gorilla System® user, David Dickie, hit my inbox.

So I thought, “Hmmm. David is a “System Jedi.” I need to recognize that.

It’s not unfair to say David Dickie is “king of the mountain” in his sector of business.

He’s an insurance agent, a very specialized agent. Ten years ago, David took a line from my first book and set out to provide insurance for nursing homes and home health care agencies. My advice then was “Select a limited market and seek to dominate it totally.”  That’s still awfully good advice.

He did that. Using Speedbuttons®, Selection Rules, and Worksheets, David’s staff can populate complicated insurance forms in a second. But to become a “System Jedi,” David needed to master campaigns.

He called on the Head Gorilla himself and I spent a day with him last Fall. I taught him campaigns. We designed one. He was off and running.

Here’s David’s report.

I hit our highest revenue and profit ever in 2011 – very pleased with that.

Before Bill came to spend a day with us, I thought we had mastered the system. We had selection rules and Speedbuttons for countless procedures. The system allowed us to process more policies, with less staff, than any other insurance agency I have ever seen.

But after Bill’s day with me, I really saw the vision of what campaigns can do. We initiated the process of moving all of our procedures from Speedbuttons and selection rules to campaigns. Campaigns are a much more elegant way of organizing our procedures – now every staff member can see exactly which prospects or clients are in each stage of the process, renewal or new business, and thus know what step needs to be taken to move the client or prospect to the next step. Additionally, when we flush a non-respondent or “pitch and miss” prospect, the flush process automatically sets up the Drip campaign; the result being that we NEVER lose a prospect.

Now we can produce even more through-put per staff member, thus separating ourselves even further from our competitors. Our profit margins would make most business owners blush.

Gorilla® gives me a competitive advantage every day, and allows us to out-market our competitors. Without it, we would be just another insurance agency.

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