Cracks or Chasms Ahead?

by Bill Good Marketing on August 14, 2014



Cracks or Chasms Ahead?

Is this crack anything to worry about? Do we keep driving or do we need to change direction to avoid a sink hole?“It’s the economy, stupid”—in the words of that famous economist James Carville. Still struggling, isn’t it.Big problems in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Africa.And mid-term elections coming up. Based on 68 years worth of data, “ the market takes a haircut during the second and third quarters, before the midterm, reflecting the economic impact of political turbulence.” (Barron’s, April 5, 2014)

In this webinar you will learn:

• What’s really going on in the market right now.
• How safe is this market for the small investor.
• What you need to know.
• Talking points to use in client reviews.

Join John Thomas, The Mad Hedgefund Trader

Taking Stock: What to Do Now? 

What Should the Retail Advisor Do?

What Should You Tell Your Clients?

Webinar Exclusively for BGM Clients
Tuesday, August 19th
2:00 PM ET
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John Thomas knows a thing or two about markets. People who followed his newsletter recommendations since May are up about 20%. Dow® and S&P®? Well, they gave it all back, didn’t they?John, as you recall, was a presenter at the last three Users’ Conferences. Why? 
  • Because he is a very entertaining speaker.
  • Because he knows his stuff.
  • Because he is credible. As a matter of fact, given decent speaking skills and knowledge, the three factors that determine the value of a speaker are credibility, credibility, and credibility.

Don’t think about it.

Be there!!!

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