“Gorilla is an investment into your practice that will pay for itself.”

by Bill Good Marketing on February 24, 2012

Carrie RasmussenMcKay Wealth Management Carrie Rasmussen is the Marketing and Communications Director for McKay Wealth Management, a Wealth Management firm in Tukwila, WA.  She sent this email to a prospect considering the Bill Good Marketing System®.  I asked her if she and Jeff McKay would spend a few minutes with him.  This is the email she sent him after their conversation. She was kind enough to send a copy to me and allow me to share it with people considering our system.

I hope Jeff and I were able to provide you with the information you were looking for to help you make a sound decision on your CRM system.  Like Jeff mentioned, it is an investment into your practice that will pay for itself.

I wanted to share with you a bit more information than we touched on in our phone conversation.  Jeff as well as being a principal in this practice is a partner in an OSJ firm, WestStar Financial Group, which oversees 148+ licensed reps (and growing) all across the United States.  As such, I take a lot of calls to review different CRM systems.  I can say with confidence, I have reviewed all of the major players in this realm and without a doubt, when you truly understand how to dial the Gorilla system into your practice you will not find a system that is as comprehensive on the market.  I have heard the excuse of “this system is in the cloud” etc.  I assure you that there are ways around that.  For example, we use a program called “Log Me In” which allows us desktop access from any computer.  Not only do we have access to our CRM from any computer, we have access to any other programs we have on our desktops.  If it is a snow day and we are stuck at home, we still have the ability to access our computers, our CRM etc.

In addition, I know we touched a bit on the ability of the system to “dial in” specific parameters.  To give you a further idea as to how comprehensive we have things dialed in, Gorilla allows me to pull any of a number of variables that we have in the system.  For example I could pull list of female prospects, age’s 45-62, who live in a specific zip code and have a net worth of $500k or above.  We might pull a list like that for a very targeted Long Term Care campaign, since statistics have shown that females outlive their male counter parts (sorry guys).

I truly believe that we have perfected how to integrate Gorilla into our practice.  We have in our office a large support staff, our system is networked and all those team members work directly off of the Gorilla system.  As I mentioned, we are networked and our system updates in real time.  At any given time if a client calls in we know who is working on new business and/or waiting for checks to be received or maybe we see that in the last email they sent to the advisor the client announced that they had a grandchild born.  How nice to be able to start the conversation off with a “congratulations on your new Granddaughter, you must be very excited”!  Although, Jeff may not have had the opportunity yet to tell the staff, we would know because our system is synced.

Another example of how we have dialed in the system is we send out an annual client survey which asks things like “would you refer us to your friends and family?”  It is noted in Gorilla and at any given time Jeff can see that and/or pull a list of those folks and reach out.  We have our system “Relationship Mapped”, our clients children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, if they own businesses, who the principals in those businesses are, who the clients CPAs, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers or any other person’s .  Again, this is a long term process, but it helps us when we ask for introductions.

We talked about the “Drip” and just this year we have added several new clients who have attended seminars and/or Jeff has met with in past years who have been on our drip system.  We have been dripping on some of them for years and like he mentioned, we happened to be in front of them at the right time.  Hands off on his part, but they are in our system and we are in front of them on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, give me a call or email me!  Best of luck as you move forward.


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