Cold Calling: Your Offer

by Bill Good Marketing on May 14, 2011

Your offer in a cold call is a:

a) Free report on a product.
b) Free report on a strategy.
c) Free service, such as portfolio analysis.

These have been the choices since the 1980’s. From what I am able to learn, very few advisors who are cold calling are offering info on a product, say a bond  or preferred.  Mostly, they call with a sloppy intro such as “This is Farnsworth Butter with Reliable Securties. I’m calling to introduce myself and let you know of the services we have available.” BORING.

I have preached tirelesslessly that the services approach is the least workable of the three.

But don’t believe me.

The beauty of direct response marketing is that you can test. You can find out for yourself.

Take a cold calling list of a few hundred names. Divide it into three parts. Develop three scripts.

Call the three parts of the list in three equivalent time frames. Keep good stats.

Find out for yourself which type of offer is best. My money is on “Free info on a product.”

M/M ____, this is FA Name with COMPANY. I have some important information on ________. As I’m sure you now, this is a ______________. Could I send it to you?

That’s the opening I would use.

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