Building a Brand in Financial Services

by Bill Good Marketing on April 8, 2013

Learning from the Kardashians:
Building a Brand in Financial Services
Join Bill Good and John Pollock
Thursday, April 11 at 12:00 Noon, Eastern

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Six years ago, John Pollock was chugging along at $500K per year in commissions. His business was 90% transaction based, and he knew he wanted to move to fees. But, he wanted to do it systematically so he could continue to grow while he was in transition. His prospecting method was limited to referrals and walk-ins. He knew he needed a system, so when his friend told him to call Bill Good Marketing®, John did.

“I was a good salesman,
but I wanted
to know how
to run a business.”
-John Pollock

Along the way, John had a very bright idea. He learned something from the Kardashians. He figured out a dramatic way to implement one of the bedrock principles of the Bill Good Marketing System®—select a limited market and seek to dominate it totally.

If you take a close look at John, he does not look like any Kardashian you’re familiar with. But he markets like they do. That plus the systems to support it enabled him to turn a $500K commission business in October 2006 into nearly a $1 million fee based wealth management business in 2013. And his trajectory is straight up.

In this call you will learn:

  • Why there is no magic bullet but why Kardashian-style marketing comes close.
  • What is Kardashian-style marketing? Why you can and should market your practice Kardashian-style.
  • Why many of your bright-ideas never get off the ground.
  • Why your system, or lack of a system, could be holding you back.
  • How the right system can help you organize more than one business.
  • Why infrastructure comes before growth.
  • What the system does to keep all of the processes moving.

If I am willing—without question or quibble—to spend $20 per person to give you information that can get you started on transformation,
if I am willing to introduce you to a smoking hot marketing concept,
are you willing to do me this one small favor?

Take an hour to join John and me on this call.

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Thursday, April 11 at 12:00 Noon, ET
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Bill Good—Author, “Hot Prospects,” designer of the Bill Good Marketing System. Bill was recently named as one of the top coaches on Bill is the coach to many top producers in the industry.

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