Bill Good Conference Call: Are Financial Advisor Semiars Still Working?

by Bill Good Marketing on March 26, 2013

From $0 to $100 AUM Million
in Two Years

Don’t attend this webinar UNLESS: a) Seminars are an important part of your marketing plan, or b) You want to quit messing around and grow your business through seminars.

Joe Johnson added $100 million in two years with seminars.

From a standing start. No clients. No assets. Just total commitment and the best marketing system in the industry. Joe raised $100 million in two years. UNHEARD OF.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• What market Joe chose.
• How Joe mastered the six “success factors” of seminar marketing.
• What list he used.
• How he qualified prospective clients.

Please join me, and my special guest, Joe Johnson, to learn how he did it and see if his solution might work for you.

Thursday, March 28
at 10:00 AM ET

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Joe Johnson had a thriving retail business. Then he sold it to a bank. He started over from scratch.
In this call, you will learn:

• Why Joe chose November 2008—the worst of all times—to deploy seminar marketing.
• The single most important factor in selecting systems for your business.
• Why it’s not enough just to invest in your business—you have to know where to invest.
• Which market Joe decided to target and why.

His system of choice to rebuild: the Bill Good Marketing System®.

Thursday, March 28
at 10:00 AM ET

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What about you?

Would you like to add $100 million to your business in two years? $50 million? Grow it and be done with growing it?

It is possible. When Joe and I talk, you’ll learn how he did it. And maybe, just maybe, the lid will come off your own business.

Thursday, March 28
at 10:00 AM ET

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If Joe and I are willing—without question or quibble—to take the time to give you information that helps dramatically grow your business;
If I am willing, at the end of the call, to send you a FREE booklet “Seminar Success Zone” not available anywhere else;
Are you willing to do me this one small favor?
Risk an hour to join Joe and me on a call.

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