Best Practices—Three or Four Channels Bringing in New Assets

by Bill Good Marketing on April 13, 2015



Best Practices—Three or Four Channels Bringing in New Assets


Sadly, we will not enjoy the pleasure of your company at our Users’ Conference in Chicago. However, you can participate in spirit with the conference DVDs. And you can save $200 if you act now rather than think about it.

The concept of the conference is “Growing Your Business in Two-Year Bites.” This entire concept is embedded in my “Two Year Marketing Plan” spreadsheet.

I have been working on it for a long time. Early versions go back at least to 2007.

It’s based on these FACTS:

1) “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”—Lewis Carroll. To arrive at your destination, you need a plan. Any road won’t do.

2) In this industry, at this time, a long-range plan—5 years or longer—is mostly wishing. Things change too quickly to plan much further out than two years. Two years is a good time frame.

3) To grow your business today, you need three, or preferably four channels each bringing in new assets.

Every financial advisor has two channels—new assets from existing clients and client referrals. For most financial advisors, these two channels do not grow a business. They maintain it. Almost every financial advisor I know whose business is growing at a rapid clip has at least one additional channel.

As we go through the process of the two-year plan, it will become clear to you which channel or channels will grow your business fast enough to get you there.

You will then understand how to get there from here.

My speakers are going to show you in depth how they use their channels.

I’m going to help you put it all together in a two-year marketing plan.

That’s why you should order the DVDs now.

Early Early Bird pricing ends at close of business April 29.

Early Early Bird: $598. At close of business on April 29, Early Early is done.

Early Bird of $798 begins April 30. It ends when the videos and mp3s are posted to the website.

Late Bird: $995.

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Or Call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480, ext. 1298.

Here are the channels you CAN USE for your own “2-Year Marketing Plan.”

Never before have I presented all our new asset strategies at one time in one place. Each of these channels has a strategy. Each has resources already built. Each now has a standard of best practices. You can now measure your performance against the best of the best.

Above the line are the relationship marketing channels. Below the line are the mass marketing channels.

One or two of these channels will light your afterburners and propel your business.

If you already have one or two additional channels working, you will be able to make them work better.

1) ✓Current Clients
2) ✓Client Referrals
3) Introductions
4) Strategic Partners
5) Connections

6) Seminars
7) Direct Mail
8) Cold Calling
9) Targeted In-Person Prospecting

Download your Order Form Here
Or Call Jill Olsen at 800-678-1480, ext. 1298.

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