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For more than 30 years our financial advisor clients have been the top advisors in the financial services industry.

Every one of them said Bill Good Marketing helped them get there.

But more importantly, we have helped them STAY there.

I am proud that we have done that.

“The Secret” of for being able to help our clients make it to the top and stay there is simply– improve our products and services a little bit each week.

For example, in 1986, I had the idea to create a library of marketing material our clients could use.   Ever since, we have added one or two new pieces a week.   Today, our “Letters Library” is 2800 pieces.

Since 1984, I have written one article a month for one of the major trade magazines.  That’s created an archive of over 300 articles on sales and marketing.  Add my two books, “Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success” and “Hot Prospects,” and you have an awesome marketing library. You can access my articles library here.   Learn more about my latest book, “Hot Prospects,” here.

My job as Chairman of Bill Good Marketing is to create the future of the company. This involves strategic planning, active involvement in new product design and writing writing writing…which is what I wanted to do when I grew up.

On a personal note, I enjoy photography, editing home video to produce movies of my kids and grandkids and fly fishing.

I’m married to Joava.  I have three kids who have delighted us with five grandchildren.  We live in an old farmhouse in Draper, UT.   My home office is a separate building behind the house.  It was once a chicken slaughter house.  Now, thanks to the good taste of my wife, it’s a lovely two-room cottage with a wood burning stove.  It’s  the architectural  jewel of Draper, UT.

If you would like more information about Bill Good Marketing, please contact us at:

Bill Good Marketing
6891 S. 700 W.
Ste. 100
Midvale, Utah  84047

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