Assets Fly: What Happens to Your AUM When Clients Die?

by Bill Good Marketing on July 14, 2014



Assets Fly: What Happens to Your AUM
When Clients Die?

If a substantial percentage of your clients are retired;
If a good percentage of them will be dead ten years;
If you will NOT be retired in ten years;
Then you need to attend this webinar:

When Clients Die, Assets Fly: A Preventive Strategy

Wednesday, July 16th
4:15 p.m. ET
Register Here

“Heirs Take Money and Run-from Financial Advisor”

That’s the headline of an article in the Nov 6, 2011 issue of Investment News.

The stats are grim if you are losing the assets, exciting if they are heading your way.
86% of heirs in global family offices intend to fire their parents’ advisor. Now you probably don’t preside over a family office, but there is corroborating data on smaller fortunes starting as low at $1 million. And there is your own experience.

A decade ago, in May 2003, Hannah Grove Shaw and Russ Alan Prince reported results of a survey done in conjunction with Merrill Lynch, “When we ask inheritors about their relationships with financial advisors, a full 97.9% said they wanted an advisor because they themselves weren’t up to the challenge of managing their own wealth…

The authors further state: “… 79.6% of inheritors switched primary advisors after inheriting their money.”

The implications of these two studies—nearly a decade apart—are consistent … and scary. Even if you have a client who will inherit, according to these data, it will likely go to a new advisor.

That’s why you should attend:

When Clients Die, Assets Fly: A Preventive Strategy

Wednesday, July 16th
4:15 p.m. ET
Register Here

In the next decade or so, baby boomers will inherit trillions from their parents. It will exit the investment accounts of some advisors and move to other advisors.

Will you be giving or keeping?

When you attend, “Assets Fly: A Preventive Strategy,” you will learn two interlocking problems.

The branding problem: That’s really what it is, isn’t it? You are branded as “The old parent’s financial advisor.” You have to re-brand and become “The Family Financial Advisor.” You will learn a six-part strategy.

The Strategic Partner Problem. If you are going to lose some clients-and you will-you better be in a position to pick up some of the assets leaving another FAs book. Their clients die too. Their inheritors take the money and run.

Hannah Grove and Russ Allen Prince wrote, “We previously recommended that one way to reach these clients was to create strong working relationships with the lawyers and accountants who manage estates. That’s because inheritors who are newly wealthy rarely know where to look for higher-end advisors, and they often turn to the financial professionals at hand for guidance. In short, it makes sense to build an extensive advisory network.”

Most likely, you don’t have a true strategic partner. You have a “strategic one-way street.” You send referrals to an attorney. The attorney sends back a trickle, or nothing.

So you will learn a process to develop strategic partners.


I’ll take credit where it’s due. In a survey by Wealth Management Magazine, I am one of the five top coaches for FAs. I design systems—clients marketing, prospecting, practice management—hundreds of them.
There is no one out there who has a plug to stick in the biggest hole in your business pipeline—inheritors who take the money and run.

When Clients Die, Assets Fly: A Preventive Strategy

Wednesday, July 16th
4:15 p.m. ET
Register Here

OK, Bill. How Certain Are You That You Have Nailed This?

I have a track record in designing prospecting systems.
While it is certainly true that past performance does not guarantee future results, past performance is worth a second glance, isn’t it?
If you want to keep what you’ve got;
If you recognize the problem;
Then please attend.

When Clients Die, Assets Fly: A Preventive Strategy

Wednesday, July 16th
4:15 p.m. ET
Register Here

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No More Pies!

by Bill Good Marketing on July 3, 2014

In the last 15 years, your clients have lost 50% of their assets, twice.
From March 2000 to October 2002, the Nasdaq Composite® lost 78% of its value as it fell from 5046.86 to 1114.11. Fast forward to 2007. The S&P 500® declined 57% from its high in October 2007 of 1576 to its low in March 2009 of 676. Times have changed, things have gotten better. But what happens … if it happens again?How will your clients feel when it happens again? How will you feel? Do you have a strategy?Even five years after the market turned around, do you find it difficult to open new accounts? Could it be people remember 2007-2009 and they don’t want to go there again?

If you are even a little bit concerned about what happens to your client assets (and to your business) you need to attend our conference call on the 8th of July at 4:15 p.m. ET.

You will learn:

• Enough about technical analysis to understand how it can protect your clients’ assets and your business from Bear Market #17. Soon or later ….

• How to explain your new “keep what you’ve got” investment strategy to your clients.

• Whether you should attend our next No More Pies!® seminar.

Click here to register.

No More Pies!

What is No More Pies!? At the end of 2008, Bill Good found a small number of his clients who had not gotten slaughtered in the market. Most were up a point or two, some down a point or two. But not like most people down 37%, 42% or 55%. The ones who were up were all using “point and figure charting” to protect client assets. No More Pies! means … no more buy and hold pie charts or asset allocations where you sell your winner and keep your losers.

So it began …

Bill decided to protect his business and at the same time he needed to help you protect yours.

By June 2009, he had partnered with two of the best practitioners of point and figure charting. No More Pies! 1 was launched.

At the very first class, on the night of Day 1, one participant stayed up late and changed 73 positions he held. This is not a thinking class, it is doing class.

One of the instructors was Jack Reutemann. Because of superior investment performance and great teaching skill, Jack is Bill’s partner in No More Pies. Recently we have partnered with one of Jack’s chief analysts, Danny Harbison.

On July 8, join Bill, Jack Reutemann, Danny Harbison, and a very special guest, Jason Roberts.

Tuesday, July 8 at 4:15 p.m. ET

Click here to register.

Jack is a veteran financial advisor. He is a long time point and figure master and has a billion dollar practice. He has had frequent spots on CNBC® and Fox News® talking about his views of the current market conditions in the heart of the country, Washington DC. He is the senior instructor and Bill’s partner in No More Pies!.

Danny is the Senior Investment Strategist for RFS and is a member of the firm’s investment committee. He is responsible for analyzing and interpreting market conditions and developing investment strategies to assist clients in meeting their long term goals. Since his start with RFS in 2009, Danny has developed strategies instrumental in the CEO’s implementation of RFS’s investment policies. A graduate of James Madison University in Virginia, Danny earned his baccalaureate degree in Finance.

Our special guest for the conference call is Jason Roberts, an FA with one of the national firms. In his presentation, Jason will give examples of how clients react when he explains his investment strategy and the steps he takes to protect their equity in a bear market. One response he frequently hears is “That’s what I expect.”

Jason attended our very first No More Pies! in June 2009. When he showed up for class in June 2009, he took a chance on a new venture. You won’t be taking that chance. After 25 classes of satisfied graduates, you can walk the path Jason and the other early adopters blazed.

You owe it to yourself and your clients’: See if “No More Pies!” offers a better way to manage client assets and develop new clients.

Bill Good Marketing
Bill Good Marketing
867 East 9400 South Sandy, UT 84094
Phone: (800) 678-1480
ext 1298
Fax: (801) 572-1496

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